Vacancy Vacancy Sat, 22 Feb 2020 18:54:17 +0530 en-us Urgent Requirement of Welders,Fitters, Civil Engineers Mech Engineers, Cooks, Sun, 20 Oct 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Leading Dairy & Poultry Farm Company - Denmark \r\n Dairy & Poultry Farm Section\r\n\r\n▪ Farm Supervisor (degree Educated): Dkk/m 7850 Rs.82750\r\n\r\n▪ Store Keeper (degree Educated): Dkk/m 7500 Rs.79500\r\n\r\n▪ Apiary Worker: Dkk/m 6000 Rs.63500\r\n\r\n▪ Attendant (ssc Pass) : Dkk/m 6450 Rs.68000\r\n\r\n▪ Egg Collector / Packer : Dkk/m 5700 Rs.60100\r\n\r\n▪ Driver Live Stock : Dkk/m 5850 Rs.62000\r\n\r\n▪ Milk Production Labour: Dkk/m 5920 Rs.62500\r\n\r\n▪ Farm Labour: Dkk/m 5960 Rs.63000\r\n\r\n▪ Labour (loading & Unloading) : Dkk/m 6470 Rs.68200\r\n\r\n▪ Cleaner : Dkk/m 5780 Rs.61000\r\n\r\n\r\n Catering Section\r\n\r\n▪ Cook (indian) : Dkk/m 6750 Rs.71200\r\n\r\n▪ Kitchen Supervisor (degree Educated): Dkk/m 7600 Rs.80100\r\n\r\n▪ Laundry Man: Dkk/m 6200 Rs.65400\r\n\r\n▪ Kitchen Helper: Dkk/m 6100 Rs.64300\r\n\r\n\r\n Construction & Maintenance Section\r\n\r\n▪ Site Supervisor (degree Educated): Dkk/m 7850 Rs.83000\r\n\r\n▪ Data Entry Operator (diploma Holder) : Dkk/m 7480 Rs.79000\r\n\r\n▪ Time Keeper (degree Educated): Dkk/m 7600 Rs.81200\r\n\r\n▪ Fire & Safety Officer (diploma Holder) : Dkk/m 7740 Rs.81600\r\n\r\n▪ Tally Clerk (degree Educated): Dkk/m 7620 Rs.80400\r\n\r\n▪ Security Guard: Dkk/m 6830 Rs.72000\r\n\r\n▪ Electrician (building/industrial) : Dkk 6900 Rs.72800\r\n\r\n▪ Plumber: Dkk/m 6550 Rs.69100\r\n\r\n▪ Mason: Dkk/m 6670 Rs.70300\r\n\r\n▪ Painter: Dkk/m 6500 Rs.68600*\r\n\r\n▪ Carpenter : Dkk/m 6570 Rs.69300\r\n\r\n▪ Rcc Fitter: Dkk/m 6625 Rs.70000\r\n\r\n▪ A.c. Technician: Dkk/m 7630 Rs.80500\r\n\r\n▪ Welder (mig/tig/arc) : Dkk/m 7100 Rs.75000\r\n\r\n▪ Rigger: Dkk/m 6850 Rs.72200\r\n\r\n▪ Fork Lift Operator: Dkk/m 7250 Rs.76400\r\n\r\n▪ Crane Operator: Dkk/m 7680 Rs.80900\r\n\r\n▪ Truck Driver: Dkk/m 7550 Rs.79600\r\n\r\n▪ Mini Truck Driver : Dkk/m 7300 Rs.77000\r\n\r\n▪ Construction Helper: Dkk/m 6300 Rs.66400 Accountant Executive Tue, 21 Jan 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Providing support for clients by learning about and satisfying their needs.\r\nMaking cold calls or reaching out to prospects.\r\nFollowing up with prospects several times throughout the sales cycle to ensure needs are being met.\r\nPresenting and demonstrating the value of products and services to prospective buyers.\r\nCompiling and analyzing data to find trends.\r\nDeveloping sales strategies and setting quotas.\r\nStaying current on company offerings and industry trends.\r\nMaintaining a database of contact information.\r\nBuilding long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with external contacts and internal departments to create a better customer experience.\r\nHandling complaints and negotiations.